Thinking about the possible reasons why this song is called “iridescent”, I couldn’t find any logical answer. All I can recollect is the sweet memories of childhood, when I loved any iridescent object, it was multicolored and reminding me of rainbow! Maybe that’s for adding happiness to some people’s life…

It starts with that kind of piano again. I feel pain in its verses. Mike comes having sympathy in his words and voice, saying that the gravity of the situation is known, then Chester, comes to bring hope and asks for starting from scratch and not giving up.  As we notice, the more we approach the end, more energy is added to the song and we no more feel the same sadness of the beginning (the end is calm but not sad). And also we’re invited to the next track with the last seconds…

(Also we have “empty space” in Mike’s part! Simply connects this one also with the “Empty Spaces” track!)


Definition: “the dangerous radioactive dust which is left in the air after a nuclear explosion and which slowly falls to earth”. (I’m stunned even by titles!)

So this track is still connected with the 2 previous ones. It gives me more the feeling I got from Wisdom, Justice, and Love because of the music and the way that we have the vocalist singing (a digital robotic way). The lyrics are so familiar (just from Burning In The Skies) and it simply shows the significant connection between tracks (here, between the third and thirteenth).

I’m not sure who is singing, it more sounds like Mike (although in the third track Chester was singing) but sometimes I doubt if it’s Chester or Mike… anyway, the end of this track will join to the next: The Catalyst.

>Another fascinating fact that I’ve come across is that, Iridescent is somehow surrounded by Wisdom, Justice and Love and Fallout (because of similarities we can find between these 2 tracks, one can be the Into and the other the conclusion)! We can consider these 3 as one track.

At this point I got another general result: “it is a revolution in the art of music. Because, not only we can find more Intros in an album allocated to some certain main tracks, almost all of these tracks are connected with each other in different points of time and rhyme! This idea pushes me more toward this theory that this album contains only a single huge track!”