And the first single we heard from the album

The Catalyst:

Definition: “a substance that makes a chemical reaction happen more quickly without being changed itself/ something or someone that causes an important change or event to happen”. So what is that change, who is accelerating the process?

Closer to the end of album, we logically should be closer to the fulfillment of what LP has aimed for. After 14 tracks, the connection can still be felt (here, between this track and the first one). This track (as the longest one in this album) can be considered as the solid confession of all the big sins committed and then begging for God’s forgiveness. It’s more like a done deal, asking governments not to make the same mistakes in the future of human life.

After also watching its music video, more covert ideas are revealed. And this is one of those which you can feel the whole band together (although to me Brad is not shining here).

The “Lift me up, let me go” part seems to be the climax, expressing so much pain and the wish to be freed from dark.

And the last, but not the least

The Messenger:

A different tune (if I’m not wrong, by acoustic guitar and piano) combined with the way Chester sings, almost having an accent distinguishable from what he almost has, comes as a still-concerned End in a disguise of calm!

Mentioning “this cruel world” in the beginning, shows that, this idea still exists as a belief of today’s world; and then adding “love” as the solution, which is now simply replaced with greed and rage.

Immersing yourself in the rhythm, u would feel dusk, a fiery sky and the nature in piece, waiting for the next day to come, knowing nothing about what is gonna happen.