The innovation and creativity of this last LP album can be the main cause of some fan’s and newly-became-fans’ confusion and shock. There should have been a noticeable concern for LP for making such a big hard-to-believe change. However, after considering all the tracks even a little bit, the purpose will easily unfold.

Now, if I say A Thousand Suns is overwhelming that’s because I’ve found it more than an ordinary album up to the year 2010. Another fact about the album is that “it is a History Book”! look at here:

There are 3 extracts of 3 important persons’ speeches, talking about political stuff. First one is “The Radiance”, which is for the year 1945 by J. R. Oppenheimer (about the first A-bomb and the World War II). Second, we have “Wretches And Kings” with an extract of Mario Savio’s speech (1964). And the last one is “Wisdom, Justice, And Love” which is an extract of Dr. King’s memorable speech at the Riverside Church (1967). So as you see (1945 > 1964 > 1967), there is a chronological order, exactly narrating the stories we have in History! And the last track is the Present time!

Moreover, this African beats should have a bigger purpose behind, not only for making the album sounds different or make you dance. Black people, obviously, have passed so many hard days up to now, either in wars, biased, or as a matter of poverty… also the way Mike raps in some tracks reminds more a black rapper. And even in the track “Empty Spaces” we can hear a guy’s talking, and his voice sounds more like a black.

At a glance:

There are 3 extracts; we can say, 6 Intros; 3 tracks in which Mike raps in his new style; 3 tracks in which Chester screams; if I’m not wrong 2 tracks that Chester has the solo (The Messenger, doubtful about Robot Boy); for the rest Chester and Mike are singing both; and almost half of the tracks have a title with a negative or bitter fact to show (e.g. Blackout, Jornada Del Moerto etc).

>Special Thanks To: Sai Siddharth, Nima, and Ali.