Let’s look at the each track:

The Requiem:

If we look the title up in a dictionary, we’ll find something like this: “a Christian ceremony in which prayers are said for someone who has died / a piece of music written for a requiem”

So it’s too sad for the opening part of an album, as the Intro. But the sense I could get listening to the whole album, is “a massage which talks about the end of the world, which is trying to display the bitter facts around the world, which is beyond self awareness, self restraint, self criticism, self pity, self help, self respect, and shows a more important subject to think about.”

As u play this track, at first there’s silence, goes up, you hear the music then, which sounds more spiritual. On the 00:52 we have this part added to the music, which definitely has a sad impact, and can transfer the feeling of death. Then on the 1:16 it’s an extract of the Catalyst lyrics (God save us everyone, will we…) by a female voice which is unique I guess in the whole LP history!  The reason I could bring is that a female voice is smoother and can transfer the pure feeling more successfully. Also, considering this track the Intro of the whole album, it fits the album title, or considering it the Intro of the next 2 tracks, it gives the best meaning to them.

Then we have the second track.

The Radiance:

Again the definition of this word will be something like: “great happiness that shows in someone’s face and makes them look attractive”. It’s true that it refers to that part of Bhagavad-Gita, but looking at this definition raised this question in my head that “why after The Requiem we should see such diverse title?!” the first track so painful and pathetic, but the next one, which is even connected by music to the former, has got such different idea, carried upon its title.

It can refer to God’s might and his radiance as to show the very first upper hand. But the first thing I could get by thinking about this track was the fact that “there is another life after death”. It may sound absurd to some, but in my opinion, this earthly life is so painful and tough, while the next will be much more beautiful which will give you the radiance and will cheer you up, of course, under some conditions. 

in my book, it’s the second Intro to the track 3. The music we have as a background to Oppenheimer’s voice, is so strange and exciting. It’s so high from the beginning and goes on ‘til the 45th second, then we have silence and just his voice (adds more power to this instant). After that the music is more like heartbeat! Still makes your heart thump. Less than 1 minute but still so effective.

Burning In The Skies:

Again this track continues the previous 1 and goes on, like there is no gap between. Music, lyrics, sense and the meaning of this song… it’s so relaxing, Mike and Chester both sing in a nice calm way. you can feel almost the whole band in this song, yet I’m not sure about Mr Hahn. I feel regret in its verses, a guilt pounding upon the heart, a confession of sins committed. But the music itself is not sad and the way of singing, is not with that much sorrow. It’s so relaxed and it’s interesting that the first time you listen to it you feel more motivated and you feel like, a kind healing touch!

The ending part is also connected to the next track, along with the sounds of crickets, which simply recalls the night.

The fourth track:

Empty Spaces:

We’re not gonna call it a song, but an 18-second Intro to the track after. “Empty Spaces”… is it going to point to the loss of something or some people?

 It reminds the war zone, more like the front line. There we have the sound of guns being fired and grenades or bombs. How will u answer to this question that “Why should we have a war scene on this part of the album?” anyways, wars are the bare facts of today’s world.

In the other hand, from a different viewpoint, it can be considered the last piece of a 4-piece puzzle, it means considering the first 4 tracks as a single track, and Empty Spaces will be the end of it, because you cannot find much relevance to the track 5 but… (go to the review of the next track to find out what!).