Waiting For The End:

As the title points, talking about “end” is on again.

Once again we have Mike rapping in his new style. It’s not as energetic as “When They Come For Me”, but it effortlessly shows the change.

To me this song seems like 2 different chapters which r mixed! It’s true that when LP has Mike and Chester as vocalists, each of them will play a different role in the band, one mostly with the rock style, the other rapping. But this one differs. I can call them 2 different worlds combined, but still with some boundaries among. It feels more like the feeling of the first experience of drinking pineapple juice with its pieces in!

And here, Chester shows off his ability once again, controlling the way he uses his larynx so professionally, while not shouting really.

The 3:32 part is where these 2 different worlds merge together ‘til the end of the song where we go in a silence.

What it is talking about, more recalls the track Robot Boy: that feeling of disappointment and still trying to stand up and let go of the pain. We have this “The hardest part of ending is starting again!” and it shows the fact.

Next is


By listening to the first 12 seconds, you will have no idea how the song is gonna be! Not even ‘til the 28th second! But after that, the song turns out to have an amount of excitement, a little stress, and you expect a blast to happen so soon! So while you’re counting down the seconds, another part comes added to the song, which is so soft and opposite to the former! Also u can hear Chester’s screams from this point on. The blast is right when Chester comes. When I heard it I was like “phew! Again Chester’s screams” and it’s unique as usual. But after a little while again that soft part is added (a real paradox!). 2:50 is the end of excitement and then Mike comes so calm and relaxed. The minute 4 is the combination of anger and calm ‘til the end.

By listening to this song… no, I can’t say that I can have the same feeling as in the first tracks. It’s more having the subjects which we could see in HT or Meteora. But still no gap between.

Now looking at all these tracks wholly, u can easily notice the fact that if someone listens to ATS as a first experience of listening to LP, that person will simply think that there are 3-4 vocalists! Chester’s voice already has 2 different versions! And Mike has added his new version to the list!

Going to the rest:

Wretches And Kings:

The title shows 2 so different classes in the society: the weak under-pressured people and the power owners.

Mario Savio (an American political activist and a key member in the Berkeley Free Speech Movement who is most famous for his passionate speeches, especially his “put your bodies upon the gears” address given at Sproul Hall, University of California, Berkeley on December 2, 1964) starts this track: a short extract of his speech, but so influential as he shouts with the rage in his voice, the power is noticeable.

The metaphorical meaning of “machine” here adds more beauty. Moreover the way Savio talks is Strategic since he’s not there talking to people like: ok everybody! Let’s change our conditions and we need a new true system blah blah!… instead he comes, using the present tense (rather than the imperative), uttering people’s present condition frankly, so this way, when he talks about the existing pain, people will pay more attention and will feel more accord between. And in the end he reaches to this point that this machine can be stopped if all become one!

The opening part of the music contains so much energy and Mike start rapping, I feel he tries to lead his voice close to Savio’s (with anger and strictness). Even though Mike’s recently put himself into his new style, he indicates his talent in mastering a new rapping style.

Chester comes in with his furious screams as for awakening the listener.

The diagram we can possibly have, would be something like: Savio’s quote + LP part + Savio’s (plus the last part of his quote as to clarify the aim).