When They Come For Me:

It’s like a dramatic change in the album! With a completely different mood. And we have Mike rapping in a, we can say, revolutionary way. It seems more like black rappers and using more slang which unconsciously brings the Fort Minor memory into your mind. The lyrics pour complexity in me and I can’t say that I’m sure about what LP is gonna construct in front of our eyes, but to me, it more sounds rebellious (in a good way), protesting against some old fixed untrue rules.

There’s something really drawing my attention, a part of the lyrics in which we hear “forfeit the game” which obviously brings the opening part of Points Of Authority of the album HT in mind. Comparing Mike in that song and this one, easily shows the difference.

There are so many “I’m not”s as a sign of opposition or refusal. It’s like an individual is saying “no” to many things in order to turn people on to have a battle against nasty unpleasant facts and make a change.

Yes, it sounds more African than rock, but still, it is energetic.

On the 3:08, Chester steps on the stage and for almost 20 seconds calms everybody down and then the same beat’s up. Afterwards, it’s on 4:06 which we hear a part of the previous track (so they are related!). Until here we had a sort of calmness back, but on the 4:20 a kind of anger flows in the rhythm ‘til the end.

As we go thru the next track:

Robot Boy:

Why is it called Robot Boy? What are the characteristics of a robot? Strength? Emotionlessness?

Here, the word “fight” comes in, it’s easy to see; in the very beginning of the lyrics.

It’s a separate track, I dare say. With another sense, we hear the piano, it’s not anger, violence, revenge, combat, no! it’s talking to one who is disappointed of the war, has given up, waving the white flag. What we have is understanding, understanding, understanding and consoling ‘til 2:50. Then a ray of hope and motivation is what u see.  Minute 3 the song changes the form. From this point on we’re being asked for patience, patience, patience. Soon, things will fall into place.

Following the Robot Boy ‘til the end, we’ll find:

Jornada Del Muerto:

which means  “Journey of  Death”. It’s another smooth short one that is trying to forget about the words and sends feelings thru the rhythm.  I’m not able to put the feeling I get from it, exactly into words, but it’s a nice one, and the whispering part in the beginning, still along with that heartbeat part… I feel it takes me to the sky for some seconds. But no, this song doesn’t give me the feeling of death!

It can be considered as an Intro to the next one.